Where do you get the best tasting cup of coffee? The answer is simple – HOME – roast it, grind it, brew it and enjoy nirvana!

Superior coffee roasted just the way you like it and for half the cost! Why not roast your own coffee at home?  Everyone’s taste is different. Roasting your own coffee allows you to roast beans of your choice (regions of the world) and taste (degree of roast), and also to experiment with a wide range of coffee varieties if you want to get into blending.  Go ahead, be knowledgeable and become a snob (connoisseur), it’s fun!  Your friends will love you and will be hitting you up for a cup of the best!

Why roast your own coffee? The answer is simply – FRESH!

Drinking freshly roasted beans produce an incomparably superior cup of coffee.  It’s smooth and rich and doesn’t have the acrid acidic bite as commercial store bought brands.  Unfortunately, roasted coffee has a very short shelf life.  After 5 days the aromatics of the coffee begin to fade and after 10 days there is a drop in overall cup quality.  Roasting small batches ensures you’re drinking fresh and not storing roasted coffee that will turn stale.  Green (raw) coffee on the other hand can be easily stored for a lengthy time period (days to many years) until you are ready to use it.  Like a good bottle of red wine, age brings out the flavour and body of green coffee beans.  Just store the beans in a dry and dark place at room temperature.  The challenge is keeping green beans on hand for very long time, good luck with that!

Our Beans

The ideal conditions for coffee trees to thrive are found around the world along the Equatorial zone called “The Bean Belt,” located between latitudes 25 degrees North and 30 degrees South. Arabica grows best at high altitudes in rich soil, while the heartier Robusta prefers a higher temperature and can thrive on lower ground. We’ve selected some of our favorite coffees (high altitude Arabica only) including 9 coffees from 4 Regions. These include coffees from the following countries: Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, 2 coffees from Ethiopia, South America: Peru, Central America: Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Asia: Sumatra. We enjoy these coffees and hope you do too!


Our Mission

Roast at home.coffee is a newly established internet based company offering home coffee roasting solutions. We provide high quality certified green Arabica coffee from many coffee regions of the world. Together with coffee roasting machines, grinders and French press carafes, we offer the opportunity to roast at home and enjoy the best cup of coffee possible. Visit our store front on Lakeshore Road in the Bronte Village area of Oakville to see demonstrations of coffee roasting, preparation and taste for yourself. In our store, you’ll also be able to place orders in person.

Roasting at home is fun and easy. Enjoy the many benefits of fresh roasted coffee. Drinking coffee roasted inside of 5 days creates a night and day difference in experience from the usual “stale” coffee that most people drink. Fresh roasted coffee has 3 times the amount of anti-oxidants than found in tea, is naturally sweet so you don’t have to add sugar and is not bitter so you don’t have to add milk or cream (hence less calories and just good natural taste). You’ll love the natural flavours of fresh roasted coffee which is more complex in flavonoids than red wine. If you only drink one mug of coffee a day, why not make it the best!


The Tools

While there are many makes and models of coffee roasting machines, coffee grinders and coffee brewing systems, we offer only one of each. This is our solution to a great cup of home roasted coffee based on years of experience trying different equipment. The pieces of equipment offered here represent quality and value that will provide you with years of roasting, grinding and brewing pleasure. The selection is designed for the entry level home roaster. As your requirements change and perhaps your equipment wears out (mostly roasters), you can decide then to upgrade or switch out to different pieces of equipment. We are not offering kettles to boil water but you should acquire a kettle that permits custom temperatures. A cheaper option to the French Press method of brewing is the use of pore over systems like the filtercone. We don’t offer them but they are readily available. Personally, we prefer the French Press and you can still brew individual cups of Joe with the press.